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Welcome Comments from the Executive Director

Dear Leaders,

I am proud to have the privilege to present to you BYC, a specialized designed program organized as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization for governments and institutions. This program provides technical assistance and capacity building that specifically focus on efficiently developing key economic engines that grow neighborhoods, builds business, creates job and improves quality of life for citizens. This innovative program is uniquely positioned to assist governmental leaders aimed at spurring economic growth in emerging domestic markets (EDM) as well as underserved markets internationally.

BYC works with key government leadership to establish its banner initiative of “(B)uild (Y)our (C)ity, (C)ounty, or (C)ountry”.  We place an importance on establishing a local steering committee that will contribute to a meaningful community engagement and comprehensive strategic assessment, planning and implementation process.  This process will inform the direction, goals and vision of the initiative as well as give the elected leadership keen insight into the tools crucial to creating a strong, resourceful and resilient community for years to come.

We are familiar with our leaders varying and complex governmental needs. We understand that they need experienced Portfolio Management Advisory, sensible work plans and timely deliverables. Our services are hands-on, which means that we work with our clients in advance, while tailoring the best methodology suited to meet their vision.


Shantel Gilbert M.S.
Executive Director
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We provide technical assistance and advisory in developing practical solutions that are tailored to meet the unique and
evolving requirements of each organization and/or agency.


Leaders are constantly looking for new or better ways to do more!  The world is continuously maturing; pushing leadership
to further improves productivity within a casted budget.



Many economic development projects that may have been viable in the past without public sector assistance are no
longer possible. The result of the financial crisis is a dramatic…