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Shantel Gilbert M.S.
Executive Director

Shantel Gilbert M.S. is an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist and is now the Interim Executive Director of BYC. Ms. Gilbert has worked with several high profile individuals such as politicians, community leaders, national and international diplomats, celebrities and corporate leaders with a need for leadership enhancement and unique consulting. With a background in marketing, image consulting, the entertainment industry and strategic planning within the national and international nonprofit sectors, she is the founder of PLI Consulting, a prestigious international leadership development firm.

BYC Board of Directors has brought Ms. Gilbert on as the Interim Executive Director given her previous experience in providing technical assistance, redevelopment tools, cutting-edge research and essential best practices to overcome the grappling issues that have eroded the vitality and sustainability of municipalities locally and abroad.

As the Interim Executive Director of BYC, Ms. Gilbert is able to strategically develop partnerships between her extensive clientele and network. Her experience and outreach has placed her in the position to take BYC from a southeastern organization into a national and international organization for developing municipalities.

The idea of starting a firm that enhances leaders globally stems from her passion for insuring the goals of true visionaries are made possible.  As part of BYC’s leadership, she has the platform to carry out the vision of enhancing the ability of municipal leaders to engage the public and private sectors in their respective administrations, through strategic planning, domestic and international partnership development and programming.