BYC - Build Your City, County & Country.

One Vision | One Platform | One Network

BYC can be tailored around based on the 6 major categories of the program as listed below:



Our Capital division has developed a methodology that will allow for the BYC program to attract private domestic, private foreign, and public sector funds to capitalize each and every initiative designated within your BYC program.  We work with a variety of financial and government officials to assist in directing funding opportunities.


Many economic development projects that may have been viable in the past without private sector assistance are no longer possible. This makes viable Public-Private Partnerships (P3) that balances the risk among the participants, the preferred method for municipalities wanting to be actively engaged in promoting economic development.  Therefore, we promote and utilize strategic use P3 structure to effectuate economic strategies that may be identified within the BYC program.


With the promise of improved citizen services and more efficient use of scarce resources, the smart city trend is picking up momentum across the globe. A “smart city” integrates technology with critical infrastructure components and services to make urban development more intelligent, interconnected, and efficient. At least seven core infrastructure components and services make up a smart city: healthcare; education; real estate; transportation; utilities; city administration; and public safety. Tangible examples of smarter infrastructure include smart power grids and buildings.



With the start of transformational projects and initiatives to better serve citizens and to improve their quality of life, these projects will involve multiple stakeholders. Thus, our goal is to provide options for better IT governance with real-time awareness of the real world and advanced analytics to manage these projects and initiatives.



Our goal is to serve as a resource and facilitator for pilot projects to test innovative ideas and show how sustainable urban policies can be implemented, but we do them within a framework of changing how a city plans, builds and engages its citizens, so the impact of the projects go well beyond just the people or community directly involved.



We become a vital component of transportation goals by identifying grants and private capital to fund projects, facilitate implementation, create strategy to work in concert existing initiatives and plans, and orchestrate Public-Private Partnerships.


Additional Components:



The primary goal is to create transparency and provide communication and public engagement to all stakeholders.  The outreach campaign will inspire participation from stakeholders of all stripes and frame the public discourse around all activities of BYC. Ultimately, the Stakeholder Outreach campaign will provide local leadership with an effective framework for presenting current and future projects to the public.



Given the global attention to natural disasters and terrorist activity, the need for an appropriate response to Public Health and Safety Emergencies have become a key priority for State and local governments. The majority of local municipalities do not have a comprehensive plan of action to address strategic initiatives to advance countermeasures to diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or treat harm from any biological agent or toxin or any chemical, radiological, or nuclear agent or agents, whether naturally occurring, unintentional, or deliberate.  BYC will provide a resource for information and partner to implement local programs.