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Portfolio Management Advisory
A portfolio is aligned to a strategy and is comprised of programs.  Programs are comprised of projects. Program Management involves grouping and managing a series of projects with an integrated viewpoint.  The objective is to make sure that when you add each project to the portfolio, it creates a synergistic effect and realizes the strategy.

Within our approach
We utilize an enterprise program management framework to increase efficiency and our result oriented approach to the plan, execute and land a strong closure. Our methodology and life cycle includes the process below:

Visioning – Where do you want to be?

 Understanding strategic goals and identifying viable opportunities

The first step in identifying a path forward is to understand current goals and existing action plans.  We conduct a review of existing strategic plans, action plans, proposed budgets and any contextual memorandums.

In addition, it is critical that the Client also be shown any potential opportunities.  Therefore, we assist the Client to understand what potential options are available to them in the future by defining issues and opportunities in a matrix. BYC helps the client expand its thought process through presenting creative possibilities for their organization and a way to transform it in a holistic fashion while remaining focus on existing strategic goals.


Assessment – Where are you now?

 Evaluate and analyze strategic goals and understanding pertinent relevance

The initial strategic analysis will be based on a review of key document inputs such as strategic plans, action plans, and proposed budget. We will identify, quantify, and prioritize the vulnerabilities in key areas of your organization. Our assessment approach is designed to help you identify and extract key opportunities for improvement or breakthrough. The key deliverables are specific recommendations identifying key processes and projects then synthesizing them in order to work together to gain real and sustained improvement for the organization.

The recommendations focus follow up activities on short term and long term actions that get the best results.


Planning –How do we get there?

Organizing the roadmap to attaining goals

We will organize the activities required to achieve the goals set forth during the assessment process. During our strategic planning process, our management activity is used to help set priorities, focus energy and resources and strengthen operations. Furthermore, our goal is to ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals and establish agreement around intended outcomes and results.  Planning becomes a disciplined effort that produces fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, who it serves, what it does, and why it does it, with a focus on the future. This will be a process of collaboration between both parties to refine the analysis of the highest value opportunities to determine the program implementation path and program costs.


Implementation/Monitoring – How do we produce results and measure our progress?

Activate the plan, and plan for sustainability

By way of the aforementioned, we will develop a suggested implementation roadmap for the improvement opportunities based on the conceptual design. In particular, we will align each practice with requirements to ensure that each supports the organization at both the operational and management levels. Monitoring conformance to the standard is critical to the overall success of an initiative. The only way to maintain over time is to have a system in place that makes it possible for continued success.  To ensure ongoing consistency, we provide implementation coaching and guidance for the designed solutions and strategic vision.